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she read this bitch till she disintegrated



You really can’t argue with these results. My skin just looks over all healthier and more vibrant! I cannot say enough good things about this serum. I have noticed that if I have even the smallest blemish, this serum kicks it in the butt and off my face. I mean how cool is that?
This went from a totally unknown brand, that I really had my doubts about, to a MUST HAVE in my life.  While I would admit that in the right photo I have a bit of cosmetics on my face, you can’t deny with the results. My face is simply a different face. A fresher face for sure! If you are looking for a serum to add your routine, I highly recommend this one. Once you approach 20’s, I believe it is time to really start thinking about an anti-aging skin routine. I am so glad I started one.
Give it a try! You don’t have to buy it, if you feel it doesn’t work for you. 
Get your FREE trial bottle here (They can ship internationally)

I saw this on my dash 2 weeks ago so I figured why the fuck not, it’s just $5 for the shipping.
Here are my results so far:

I sometimes don’t even feel the need to work on my eyes when going out, and that saves me quite a ton of money as I used to spend a lot on make up for my eyes alone.
And most importantly, it made me feel like I have a brand new face after using it for only 3 weeks & is now a part of my daily routine 
Without a doubt, the best thing I ever bought with just $5.
Will try keep you guys updated x

im from hk & mine is coming in 2 weeks !!  cant wait !! 





you know what would suck? being at a rave and trying to find your friend called molly

Why would that suck?

protect this sweet child at all costs

Note to self: Never go to a rave without using the buddy system.

Genuinely don’t get it :(



The power of Cosplay